Strengths, solutions and stories.

Getting Published

Metaphors Ink has a theory: that every human services practitioner has a book, a conversation building tool or at least an idea inside them that they believe will lead to the evolution of good practice.

If any practitioner or their organization is sitting on such an idea, however embryonic, perhaps Metaphors Ink can help.

As one of the few social work publishers in the known universe Metaphors Ink can bring to the table cartoonists, editors, graphic artists, printers and therapists to help bring ideas into being.

From book editing to creation of conversation building card sets, from posters to formal reports Metaphors Ink can provide design, photography, cartoons, written copy and editing to get concepts published at commercial standards.

This publishing consultancy is ideal for any practitioner or human service organization interested in self-publishing, co publishing or simply bring text alive with vibrant, custom-built cartooning, illustration or design.

The cartooning and illustration seen throughout the Metaphors Ink website represent the skills that practitioners can readily access by contacting Metaphors Ink for an obligation free consultation.