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The Third Act Card Set

Announcing: the long-awaited Metaphors Ink publication designed to be used by anyone who works with, or lives with, other adults.


Notes on Life’s Twists and Turns.

If each of our lives can be thought of as a 3-act play what are the big issues in our lives as we enter that third act? What have been the twists and turns in the plot that has shaped our identities? Who have been the significant characters in our play and what roles are we now playing out?

And who is there for us to tell our stories to, to relate our hopes and dreams to, to share our concerns and frailties with, to listen to our deepest longings?

The Third Act is a unique set of 60 cards that simply invites folk to talk about their life stories.

Each card has a question that nails an issue common to many folk ‘of a certain age’. Plus, there is a sentence starter, a suggestion really for how one might begin to reflect on and discuss these issues of significance.

The Third Act cards help provide a voice to any adult, including those in old age, to talk about the things that may be hard to talk about or that we are unsure about how to begin.

If your interest is in hearing real life stories from people You will find that The Third Act cards immediately get conversations flowing about the important things in our lives.

Over 2 years of conversations by the authors, Russell Deal and Kevin Vallence, have culminated in a ‘conversation-building tool’ unlike any other.

Everyone has a story. Try out The Third Act cards and you will be astonished at how easily the stories tumble out!



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