Strengths, solutions and stories.


This participant led workshop explores the practice of strength-based, solution focused facilitation.

Inspired by the facilitation model of Paul Z. Jackson this 1-day workshop is built around participants’ own constructions of interactive group activities.

For practitioners new to working with groups it sequentially introduces activities that bring to light some of the tasks and challenges involved in successful group work. For more experienced practitioners it demonstrates the difference between presenting and facilitation, teaching and active learning.

PowerPoint and Ted Talks have their place but inviting people to take responsibility for their own learning parallels the ethos of strengths approaches to counselling by celebrating different learning styles and the value of ‘learning by doing’. Maximising participants’ agency, self-determination and unique skills makes this model of facilitation reflect the same values inherent in strengths-based practice.

In essence it aims to show how one can shift expertness from the presenter to each participant.

To achieve this a sequence of possible activities pertinent to facilitation is outlined with each participant choosing one to facilitate with the rest of the group. Participants are gently coached as they prepare and run their chosen activity and then the group reflects on the purpose of the activity, whether it met the learning goals and how the participant constructed their facilitation role.

Maximum participant numbers are 12 which allows each participant to assume responsibility for an activity.

This is a refreshingly different source of skill building that occurs in a safe and respectful and non-judgmental context and the great majority of participants leave with a new awareness of their skills and the choices they can make as facilitators.