Strengths, solutions and stories.


Supervision is ingrained as good practice in all social work roles.

However, keeping supervision alive, purposeful and fulfilling can at times be quite a challenge for both supervisors and practitioners.

What are the elements of good supervision? How are expectations negotiated? How is the relationship evaluated? Are participants comfortable to raise concerns or make complaints? Are both supervisor and practitioner being stretched to learn new skills? Is there an elephant in the room or any blind spots?

At times prompts can be required to keep supervisory conversations focused and to continue to build curiosity.

Supervision that Sparkles is a 1-day workshop built around ‘A Vision for Supervision’, the unique card set co-authored by Russell and solution focused counselling psychology educator, Roger Lowe. It thus bridges the professions of social work and psychology and draws upon both solution focused and strengths-based approaches.

A Vision for Supervision is constructed in such a way that the questions and prompts have relevance to both supervisors and practitioners aiming to create a context for non-hierarchical openness and mutual sharing.

A Vision for Supervision is used sequentially throughout the day coupled with an array of other tools and resources that can be used interchangeably between practice and supervision including:

This novel array of resources and activities makes this workshop suitable for experienced supervisors and those just starting out. It is also ideal for those with an interest in group supervision.

Russell is available to customize Supervision that Sparkles for any team. He also ofers individual and team supervision and coaching.