Strengths, solutions and stories.


This 1 or 2-day workshop explores the array of concepts that have influenced and shaped the development of strengths approaches.

There are numerous strengths approaches with a variety of emphases, preferred languages and philosophical boundaries. Some have grown out of the worlds of counselling and therapy, others out of group work, organizational culture-building, community development and social action.

What they share is a broad set of aspirational values aimed at treating people with utmost respect, acknowledging, celebrating and mobilising the skills, expertise and resources of people, striving for social justice and challenging deficit-based models that limit peoples’ capacities to grow and be self determining.

Each Evolution of Strengths-based Practice workshop is custom built around the interests and curiosity of the participants. Each workshop uses small group conversations to explore real life issues in the implementation of strengths approaches. Themes that can be explored throughout the workshop can be drawn from an extensive array that includes:

All workshops employ a range of visual metaphors, artifacts, creative arts materials and humour!