Strengths, solutions and stories.


Writing and Creative Arts Approaches to Social Justice and Social Change.

This 1 or 2-day workshop encompasses a wealth of creative ways to ‘give voice to the silenced’.

Does the rapidly changing nature of human service practice with its increasing emphasis on prescribed ‘client’ outcomes make it more difficult for practitioners to make a stand and advocate for human rights and social justice?

Social work has always been constructed as a profession concerned with macro, systemic change as much as with a focus on counselling individual clients and families. Is the ever changing context of workplace cultures making it more difficult to advocate on clients’ behalf or for changes to structures that discriminate and disadvantage.

As a practitioner how does one protest when confronted with injustice?

In this interactive workshop wide-ranging strategies and activities will be shared ranging from the subtle to the provocative. They may involve everyday activities like letter writing through to the use of multi-media through to art installations. What connects these divergent possibilities are values of respect, tolerance, and people’s self-determination.

Often it is simplicity, novelty and humour that provide the catalysts for participation and change. Invariably there is stories and story-telling involved. This workshop uses participants lived experience to try out a range of different strategies – journaling, memoirs, short stories, poetry, cartooning, report writing, photography, symbols and metaphors and art installations.

Participants will leave the workshop equipped with numerous alternatives they can consider when confronted by ‘power-over’ structures, systems and processes.

Download the Literary Advocate Workshop Flyer – Castlemaine Workshop 27 & 28 June 2016 – here