Strengths, solutions and stories.

Who we are

Metaphors Ink is the freelance strengths-based consultancy of Russell Deal and associates.

Russell is the Founder and former Director of Innovative Resources the internationally acclaimed publishing arm of St Luke’s Anglicare in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

Russell’s academic background is in social work, psychology and education. He brought skills from each of these professional domains to join St Luke’s as Deputy Director in 1984 before creating Innovative Resources in the early 1990’s and establishing a unique social work publishing social enterprise.

In moving to set up Metaphors Ink in early 2016 Russell hopes to continue build further conversation building tools around original visual metaphors. He brings to Metaphors Ink a fascination with both strengths-based practice and metaphor theory that he combines in a unique way that has inspired countless human services practitioners.

He also brings an array of associates including editors, cartoonists, graphic artists and facilitators who freely collaborate to create transformative, life changing materials and experiences.

Russell was awarded an Order of Australia Medal in 2014 for Service to Social Work Education and the Community.

Those who I work with include:

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